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You can get a mortgage in Mexico!

Cross-border loans for U.S. and Canadian citizens

Welcome to Veltra Capital

Founded in 2019 by an experienced team of cross-border lending professionals, Veltra Capital provides mortgage loans to creditworthy U.S. and Canadian citizens for the purchase or refinance of vacation homes in Mexico. 

We advance up to 70% of the purchase price for a new home or up to 60% of appraised value for an existing one.  Our flexible loan products can accelerate a dream purchase or can be used to provide needed liquidity.  You can also prepay us at any time without any premium.

We will evaluate your…


We are currently making loans to U.S. citizens who live in 27 states with additional states added regularly. We also lend to Canadian citizens.


The loan must be for a vacation or second home (not a primary residence). 


We will fund up to 70% of purchase price for a new home or 60% of value for a refinance.


Our loan pricing is tiered based on your credit score. We require a minimum FICO score of 650.


We generally require a DTI Ratio of <=40%.


We currently finance completed homes in major Mexican resort markets.  No off grid homes, etc. 

Tell Us About Your Dream Home.

Planning a new home purchase in Mexico? Or need to refinance a property that you already own? Please fill out the questionnaire on this page today so that we can provide you with a detailed loan quote.

Some Helpful FAQs
Can U.S. & Canadian citizens own a home in Mexico?

Yes! Foreign citizens are permitted to purchase property in Mexico on a direct basis in certain areas and on an indirect basis through a bank trust or fideicomiso in a restricted area that is within 50 kilometers (~30+ miles) of the beach and 100 kilometers (60+ miles) of a national border. Given that most foreigners are interested in buying property near the beach, the fideicomiso structure is the one that you are likely to utilize. Through the fideicomiso structure, a bank trust retains title to the property, and the foreign buyer is established as the beneficiary of this trust, with full economic benefit of the property, including the right to lease, sell or pass the asset on to heirs.

Can U.S. & Canadian citizens get a mortgage on a property in Mexico?

Yes! U.S. & Canadian citizens are now able to obtain mortgage financing for the purchase or refinance of a vacation home in Mexico. As a U.S. based lender with extensive cross border experience, Veltra Capital will advance up to 70% of the purchase price for a new acquisition or up to 60% of value for an existing owned home. Contact us now for a free loan quote.

What information should I have available when I am ready to apply?

For your initial pre-qualification, we will ask several brief questions about your income, assets, credit history and employment. Once you start the application process, we will verify the information that you gave us and request certain documentation including one or more bank statements, pay stubs, and income tax returns.

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