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Pre-qualify now for a mortgage in Mexico.

You can start during the property selection process.

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What to expect.

We can pre-qualify you during the initial property search process to help you determine what you can afford, and to help you meet sales contract requirements.

We will evaluate several factors when making a loan determination including the location of your primary residence, the proposed loan type (vacation homes), the amount of equity you will have in the property (30%+), your credit score (650+ FICO), your debt-to-income ratio (<=40%), and the collateral location/type.  In general, we are looking to finance homes that are located in established resort locations in Mexico and those that are already fully constructed.

If you are uncertain about your credit, there are many websites that allow you to check your credit score for free.  Two of our favorites are and

Get started today!

Fill out the questionnaire on this page to start a discussion about your mortgage needs today!

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